750 Words

Posted on Wed 24 March 2010 in Writing

I have been using the site 750words.com for a while now and have come to really enjoy using it. At first I had a little trouble navigating the site and the links didn’t seem very intuitive. However, I caught on fast and have no trouble getting around the site as needed. The site is based around the idea of writing 750 words everyday, called “Morning Pages” this exercise is meant to allow you to clear your head and allow new ideas to start flowing.

750 Words Stats
This graph shows your typing speed as you work your way up to 750 words. You can monitor your typing skill over time by looking back at these graph.

750 Words Mood Stats

Another stat that I like is the mood. Often times when I am writing I just type whatever jumps into my head at that moment. When I finish I look at the stats and see that my mood was “upset”. What I didn’t realize was that I was ‘venting’ while I was writing. This picture shows the stats from the day I bought my new bike. I was really excited to get out to ride it and a little concerned about money as you can tell.


There is a feature that allows you to keep track of specific details of your day (sleep, stress, mood, etc.) You can look at how these have changed over time and also compare them to one another, for example, I like to look at the number of hours of sleep I got compared to level of stress that I am feeling that day.