Developer Journal: 10 June 2020

Posted on Wed 10 June 2020 in dev-journal

Today I am working to create a webinar registration page for a client. The proposed idea was to add a page to their Craft CMS site that would have a form to collect email addresses and send them confirmation and reminder emails. Instead of trying to figure out how to do all of this within Craft CMS I decided to utilize Mailchimp. This turned out to be an easy solution and saved a lot of time that would have been spent figuring out what needed to be done to store form information in Craft-CMS and then create all of the logic to send emails. Not to mention the sending of the emails themselves would have to be configured in some way. Using Mailchimp allowed me to sidestep all of these issues by just creating a new Audience and creating the Campaigns necessary to send the emails out as they needed.

To create a new page in Craft CMS, navigate to the backend via and visit the settings page. From there click sections aand add new section from the top. For a page that won't have entries we can sselect single for the section type.