Developer Journal: 20 April 2020

Posted on Mon 20 April 2020 in dev-journal

Updated the Conveyor register page to match the pricing on the marketing page. Whoops.

Based on the work that was accomplished yesterday with just using threads as a background process instead of a full blown worker queue, the question of what would happen if the python app was restarted while threads were running. Obviously the threads would then exit...this would be an issue if someone was in the middle of running a command. This case would happen if the app was deployed while threads are running. So how much of an issue is this? What if a system process is used instead of a Python thread? Can you run a separate python process that would persist even if the main app process was killed?

Brainstorming some options for how to implement CME claiming within the Ionic phone app. The current process requires claimants to take an evaluation for each certificate they are claiming. All of this happens on a separate web app and the current implementation of evaluations inside the Ionic app works on the "talk" level.

  • Currently the CME app asks them for hours of certain sessions, will this be calculated based on the amount of evaluations that they fill out?
  • Will the list of evaluations available be filtered/sorted in any way?
  • How will Nurse and Tech claims work as they are required to scan in/out of sessions. Will this data be imported into the app when they are scanned or will this need to be done manually after the fact?
  • Will we email the certificate to the user?