If you were granted a wish, what would it be?

Posted on Wed 08 July 2020 in dev-journal

Today I was filling out a survey for a product I signed up for Python Morsels to help continue my Python education and one of the questions was:

If you could wave a magic wand (written in Python) and I could grant a wish, what would suddenly be different for you? What would you understand or be able to do? What would you have?

The question was very clever so I decided to take a few minutes and think about it. Here was my answer.

I would ask for the ability to learn rapidly. The process of learning provides so much satisfaction to me that I would NOT wish to magically have the wealth of human knowledge and skill. Instead, I would ask for a framework that would allow me to maximize the rate at which I learn while maintaining or increasing the level of satisfaction I receive from learning new concepts and skills.

I'm curious, how would you answer this question? Let me know on Twitter @mikeabrahamsen