jedi-vim popup on dot

Posted on Sun 10 May 2020 in dev-journal

After installing jedi-vim earlier this year and just using it's default settings I finally made some time today to figure out a couple issues that I have been missing. All that meant was taking a few minutes to read the docs.

What I've been wanting the most is for an autocomplete list to appear when I type a .. According to the docs that should be automatically enabled by default but for some reason I needed to explicitly enable the feature by using let g:jedi#popup_on_dot = 1 in the vim config.

The other command that I found in the docs that could be really nice is the rename command which by default can be triggered by <leader>r. When testing this command out it tells you how many instances were changed and seemed to work as expected. I will try to remember this command in the future as my current method of doing the same is a bit more clunky and relies an ag to find all references first and then I typically rename manually. This does have the advantage of seeing what is being changed but I can see many use cases of running a quick rename command and checking the git diff to make sure it worked as expected.