Overhauling the registration page

Posted on Fri 24 July 2020 in conveyor

In this iteration a few small changes are going to be made. Here is the current state of the Conveyor registration page:


Here it is after the following changes:

  • The width of the form imports are too long
  • Add a referral code input
  • Make the submit button smaller
  • Right align the submit button
  • Add copy for no credit card requirement



However, after seeing the finished product I did not like the referral code input on that page so it has been removed for now. Here were a few iterations of the page.

2020-07-23-221146_966x845.png 2020-07-24-132340_809x791.png 2020-07-24-132520_809x779.png

The final iteration in this round

To keep things looking clean, the captcha button has been removed and will now use the invisible recaptcha