Printing in arch linux

Posted on Thu 27 March 2014 in posts

install cups, gsfronts hplib

    pacman -S cups gsfonts hplib

    hp-setup -i

when running the hp-setup command it gave an error that no PPD file was found I also had to change the usb port from a front port to a port on the motherboard for whatever reason. I had to specify the location for the PPD file manually /usr/share/ppd/HP/hp-laserjet_2430-pcl3.ppd.gz

i created a python virtual env as I was getting an error about python-dbus not being installed. Activating the virtualenv and installing python2-dbus seemed to fix it.

turned on the cups service

    systemctl start cups.service

reran the command with the cups server running

    hp-setup -i

went to cups server at localhost:631/admin and verified the printer was installed. I then tried testing a print page and it worked!!