Github apps: Receiving webhooks with Flask

Posted on Tue 14 January 2020 in github apps

Once you have your Github app created you can start receiving webhooks when events occur.

If you want to test this locally you can use an address to route the request to your local computer. Instructions on how to do that can be found at

On the settings page for your Github app you can specify a URL to receive webhooks.

Github Webhook Image

In your Flask app you will need to create a route to accept webhooks. I have set ngrok to send the webhook requests from Github to localhost:5000/git-providers/1/events/

@app.route('/git-providers/1/events/', methods=['POST'])
def events():
    json_data = request.get_json()
    return jsonify({'message': 'success'}), 200

Make sure to listen to an event by visiting the permissions page of your Github app settings Github App Subscribe to

Once that is done you can run the Flask app and do something to trigger the webhook, in this example, we will push code to the repo. You can see the webhook requests in the Advanced tab of the Github app settings.

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