Helping Python Developers Deploy Applications

Posted on Wed 27 May 2020 in dev-journal • Tagged with conveyor, python, deployments

The goal with Conveyor is to help Python developers deploy their code.

To help serve this mission, is going to allow Flask developers to deploy an api or application to a Linode or Digital Ocean server without the need for a subscription.

Allowing users in without a subscription …

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The pythonic way to deploy applications

Posted on Wed 06 May 2020 in conveyor • Tagged with conveyor, deployments, linux, python, flask, django

Pythonic - an idiom used for the python programming language that encourages code readability while striving for an optimal solution to a problem.

This idiom drove a lot of decisions when building

To try to make a simple solution that works for most applications.

No container orchestration, no docker …

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Getting started with Conveyor

Posted on Mon 30 March 2020 in conveyor • Tagged with python, flask, django, deployments

Before you start

Before you get started with Conveyor you will need the following:

  • A domain name
  • A Github account
  • Digital Ocean or Linode account

Create a account

To get started you will need to create an account on

When you log in for the first …

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