Jinja2 Custom Template Tags

Posted on Tue 23 March 2021 in posts • Tagged with jinja2, flask, flask-meld

Building custom template tags in Jinja2 is not an easy task. That used to be the case, which you will see below.

tl;dr: Give jinja2-simple-tags a try.

Why would you create a custom template tag?

From the docs:

By writing extensions you can add custom tags to Jinja. This …

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Form Validation With Flask-Meld

Posted on Fri 18 December 2020 in flask-meld • Tagged with python, Flask-Meld, Flask-WTF, Flask, WTforms, Meld

Real-time form validation with Flask-Meld  

Flask-Meld now integrates with Flask-WTF to handle form validation.

What's the big deal? Real-time form validation without writing any Javascript!

Flask-Meld form validation

Of course I wouldn't leave you hanging without a way to try it yourself! Here's a link to the demo

Building your form

While you …

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Configuring uWSGI and NGINX for use with Flask-SocketIO

Posted on Fri 11 December 2020 in posts • Tagged with conveyor, meld, flask-meld

Now that Flask-Meld is working, it's time to start getting things ready for production. I've been wanting to start developing Meld components for Conveyor. Flask-Meld utilizes WebSockets, which Conveyor does not currently support. To make all of the magic happen NGINX and uWSGI configurations will need to be updated to …

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Flask-Meld, ditch JavaScript frameworks for pure Python joy!

Posted on Fri 04 December 2020 in flask-meld • Tagged with python, Flask, Flask-Meld, Meld

Introducing a new way to build web applications: Flask-Meld  

Flask-Meld demo

Try the demo yourself

Before we dive in, I would like to give credit where credit is due. This extension was heavily inspired by the following projects and people:

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